Sunday, 18 May 2014

Independent Learning Log T2W8


What I did: I listened to a debate on the death penalty in the US.

Topic: The United States should abolish the death penalty
It was implemented in the 1800s.
It has taken 23 innocent lives.
It creates more problems than it solves.
It is a hypercritical implementation of the corrupted government.
The principle of death penalty states that Justice is served by killing killers.
The United States defines innocent as someone who is not aware of his or her actions.
There is discrimination of the death penalties given throughout the society.
Without a correct principle, the implementation would also be incorrect.
It violates bioethics in which it creates a hierarchy.
It is very biased to social positions, financial status, etc.
The death penalty is irrevocable.


They did not inherit biases, racism and classism.
Offenders are fully informed in the code of law.
People must be proven at the time of the crime to determine the consequences of their actions or else, it is the fault of the law and not of the death penalty.
Citizens are fully informed of death penalty and the actions that lead to it.
If they are not informed, it is the fault of the judiciary system, not the death penalty.
The death penalty prevents future murders as people would think twice about their actions.
It is to also prevent overcrowding in the prisons.
The death penalty is used as a last resort in the judgement of cases.
It is not for every cases.

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