Friday, 30 May 2014

Compo Analysis

Pink: Point
Yellow: Explanation
Blue: Elaboration
Orange: Link

Monday, 19 May 2014



Abolish Death Penalty

Death penalty implemented in 1800s
Creates more problems than solving the current problems
Innocence in US means not aware of actions that are done
Implementation would be wrong if there's no correct principle
Biased to social positions, financial status, etc.
Death penalty is irrevocable

Not bias, racist and classism
Offenders informed of code of law
Citizens are informed of death penalty
Prevents future major cases or maybe reduces it
Dealth penalty is a last resort
Not used for every case

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Independent Learning Log T2W8


Debating Television is a bad influence

Preposition View:
- Television is a bad influence
- First point made is that television has violence, alcohol, bad language which is inappropriate for children.
- If children sees all these in television, it might lead to an unsafe community and they will grow up thinking that these things are okay.
- Second point made is that television provides no help to you, it won't help you lose weight and it will very likely help you gain weight.
- Third point made is that television distracts you from important things such as doing homework and this might affect your grades.
- Final point made is that television cuts down the time spent with your family and friends.

Opposition View:
- Television is a good influence
- First point made is that children can mimic good actions too. There are many shows that are helpful.
- Second point made is that television provides a healthy message to children. Many shows encourage children to eat well and they tell children that it is not healthy to be obese.

Independent Learning Log T2W8


What I did: I listened to a debate on the death penalty in the US.

Topic: The United States should abolish the death penalty
It was implemented in the 1800s.
It has taken 23 innocent lives.
It creates more problems than it solves.
It is a hypercritical implementation of the corrupted government.
The principle of death penalty states that Justice is served by killing killers.
The United States defines innocent as someone who is not aware of his or her actions.
There is discrimination of the death penalties given throughout the society.
Without a correct principle, the implementation would also be incorrect.
It violates bioethics in which it creates a hierarchy.
It is very biased to social positions, financial status, etc.
The death penalty is irrevocable.


They did not inherit biases, racism and classism.
Offenders are fully informed in the code of law.
People must be proven at the time of the crime to determine the consequences of their actions or else, it is the fault of the law and not of the death penalty.
Citizens are fully informed of death penalty and the actions that lead to it.
If they are not informed, it is the fault of the judiciary system, not the death penalty.
The death penalty prevents future murders as people would think twice about their actions.
It is to also prevent overcrowding in the prisons.
The death penalty is used as a last resort in the judgement of cases.
It is not for every cases.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Independent Learning Log



What I did: I listened to a debate on the income disparity in the US.

Topic: Levels of income disparity in the US do more harm than good.

- Most of the money is coming from the poor
Anti-American to have very few people with a lot of money, giving unbalanced opportunities
Income disparity leads to turmoil such as protests from rising food prices and shoplifting
Income disparity inhibits education, only 10% of income goes to education
Debt from education
Unemployment from lack of education
Poor people are never able to improve their standard of life
Social stagnation for most people
Very poor people cannot move up due to lack of opportunities, therefore less innovation
The poor tend to live near each other, in places with few opportunities, while the rich live in areas with many opportunities
Richer people get taxed less
Protests are too violent and disruptive
Lack of financial aid
Income disparity takes away means to innovate
Equal opportunity should be given
Poor schools cannot get education for poor students with income disparity
Huge gap of the rich and the poor proves unequal opportunity
Certain protests are bad like the Wall Street protests, as they are unorganized and had unneeded violence with no clear goal
Limited funds for deserving Americans to be able to go to universities

- Lease is irrelevant to income disparity
There is equal opportunity, no link proven
Protests are a good movement for Americans to voice their complaints
No link proven that the income disparity is causing unemployment
The poor are still increasing their standard of life, eg. 1996-2005 lowest 20% classes moved up their class
No risk-taking without income disparity, therefore no innovation and growth, eg. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs
Giving opportunities to Americans to become better leads to self-improvement
$350 million given to education
Lack of evidence that poor do not move up in terms of their life
Income disparity gives opportunities to those in middle and rich classes to innovate, which lack of it does not give any opportunity to innovate
No lack of opportunity, eg. Windsor High School gives opportunities to study
Statistics show that tax rates are better than without them
Lack of evidence that there is a lack of opportunity
Not all protests are violent
Violent protests may be good, eg. American Revolution
No link between income disparity and education
No link between protests and violence and the detriment of income disparity

Thursday, 15 May 2014


what i did: watch a video on a debate


proposition team 
-innocent people are being killed
-innocent as in they are not aware of their actions
-bias (racism)
-killing people who are killers , as good as the killers
-human life is more important

opposition team
-people were found with evidence before putting the death penalty

-make people think twice about committing crimes

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ILL Week 8 (Register 17)


I went to Youtube and searched for a middle high school debate to see whether a debate was a session where people make speeches to reason with one another or that it was a session where everybody roars at everybody else and ends with a catfight.


As it turns out, debates are