Monday, 24 March 2014

Viusal Poster

Image: The image shows a burger to entice the readers to become hungry.
Linguistic Features: The poster uses the phrase "The Angus Third Pounder...Get Yours Today!" to make people want to buy the burger. The poster also promises a free premium chicken sandwich and a free Big Mac when certain conditions are fulfilled, making people want to go to McDonalds.
Text Features: The poster uses phrases like "get yours today" to make the reader excited.
Typographical features: The poster uses big bold fonts to emphasize the highlights of the poster.
Layout: The image primarily takes up the space to make the reader hungrier and puts the words below to make sure the read the text after seeing the image to make the readers want to buy the food more.

Purpose: The purpose is to advertise McDonald's food.
Audience: The target audience is everyone who likes fast food.
Context: The context is food.
Culture: The poster has food stand out.

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