Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Visual Text

Image: The image shows the 3 most important liquids in modern life. Namely water, oil and blood. Without water, living organisms in general would not be able to survive. Without oil, machines would not able to function properly and hence would cause inconvenience onto our lives. Last but not least, without blood, animals will not be able to carry out everyday functions. This shows that these 3 liquids are every important to us. 

Linguistic Features: There are only 3 words used. "Preservation is vital". It emphasizes that we are running out of usable water and oil, and we should do our best to preserve them as they are as important to us as our blood. 

Textual Features: Using only a few, small sized words shows that attention should be more towards the images as compared to the words. However, the words do hold a really deep meaning as it implies that we need to conserve what we have. 

Typographical Features: It contrasts with the background, causing it to be easier to read. Also it is placed in the middle of the article, proving its worth. 

Layout: The biggest points are obviously the images, which are also the main points of the article. Also notice that the liquids are of different colors while the rest is white, besides the background which is black. 

Purpose: To tell the audience that water and oil is equally as important as blood and we need to preserve them before they run out. 

Audience: Everyone. 

Context: This tells me that we need to start preserving our water and oil supplies. We can stop wasting water when bathing etc. and reuse the oil if possible. 

Culture: It has a very simple layout but very contrasting colors which allows emphasis on the images. 

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