Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Visual Text Evaluation

Image: It is a picture of a pair of hands letting water slip into a piggy bank. A piggy bank is used to store savings. This suggests to save water and not waste it.

Linguistic Features: It tries to convey the message that saving water is very important.

Textual features: The text is split up into two parts, suggesting that there are two points to the message the poster is trying to convey.

Typographical features: A different font colour is used for the words 'save water' and 'you'. This places emphasis on those words.

Layout: The piggy is the biggest item in the poster hence attracting more attention. Next is the hands and finally the text. This helps people to notice the saving of water (water in the piggy bank) and it also starts with them conserving and saving water (the pair of hands). The words are at the left, showing that it is common knowledge but it also wants to reinforce the idea of the importance of conservation of water.

Purpose: It is to convey the message that the conservation of water is important.

Audience: Everyone, especially those who are guilty of water wastage.

Context: This poster is a reminder of both how important water conservation is and how it ultimately starts with them playing their part to conserve water.

Culture: The pair of hands are an ordinary pair of hands hence showing anyone can save water, and the pouring of water in the piggy bank shows how easy it is to save water, it is as easy as putting money in a piggy bank.

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