Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Visual Text Evaluation: Nike Advertisements

Image: The Image shows a boy standing on a diving board and looking down on the other children. This shows that he is powerful and accomplished among them. He is also scratching his head. This tells me that he cannot believe what he has achieved.

Linguistic Features: The language used is "Find Your Greatness". This tells me that the visual text is encouraging the target audience to find their talents and accomplish their goals.

Textual Features: Using only a few words, it can leave a large impact on the target audience based on the Visual Text

Typographical Features: The large font and white colour used amplifies the impact on the target audience based on the Visual Text.

Layout: The image is covering the entire visual text. This gives a single perspective of the picture, showing the humanly definition of greatness. The words are placed in the centre to show the impact of the image on the target audience.

Purpose: It is to inform the target audience that anyone can be great.

Audience: Everyone, especially those who feel dejected.

Context: This tells me that the visual text is a sign encouragement to help people find their talents and flourish in them.

Culture: It uses a view from a diving board to show the position of the boy. This tells me that although he is scared, he is still willing to do it with the encouragement from his friends below.

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