Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis

Image : The poster shows a child, amused, trying to pick up a frog. Also, there are various Wonka products shown alongside.

Linguistic Feature : There are not many words in the poster. 

Texture Feature : The phrase "unleash your laughter" suggests that the sweets would enable the audience joy and laughter. 

Typographical : The font is curly and attractive. This would attract the audience to read. It is colourful to attract the target audience.

Layout : The layout is from top-to-bottom. The top shows the brand of the product while the bottom shows its line of products.

Purpose : To promote its brand and its line of products.

Audience : Children

Context : Fun and colourful

Culture : The design is colourful and the objects used in the poster are inter-related. 

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