Thursday, 13 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis

Image: This poster is promoting the movie called Inception and shows a man that has a maze in him.

Linguistic Features: There are not much words in it hence it is make it easier for the reader to understand the poster.

Text Feature: The phrase "Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime". This phrase is to make the reader think deeper about what is it trying to bring across.

Layout: All the text are at the top while the middle is the man picture. This makes it easier for the readers to understand the poster and also the font used are big for the ease of the readers.

Purpose: To promote the movie, Inception.

Target Audience: Those that likes detective, adventure and mysteries genre would be interested to watch this movie.

Context: To advertise for the movie Inception.

Culture: It has a big picture of a man that has a maze in it and also the phrase  "Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime" to let the reader think more about what is the poster trying to tell them.

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