Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis - Tham Chun Leong

Image: This image shows a fish (Blue Fin Tuna) wearing a panda mask

Linguistic Features: On the poster is a question "Would you care more if I was a panda?" This tells us that people care more about pandas than the blue fin tuna even though they both are as endangered and valuable to protect.

Textual Features: The question was phrased to make it look like the blue fin tuna was the one asking the question. It could also imply that it is seeking sympathy.

Typographical Features: The font used for the question on the poster is not fancy or squiggly but instead serious, this means that the poster is meant to be taken seriously and not as a joke. The font colour blends in background which makes the "voice" seem softer, this could mean that the tuna is "speaking" with a soft volume as if it was being ignored.

Layout: The blue fin tuna with the panda mask on is placed in the middle, it is also bigger than the others, thus attracting the most attention when people first look at it. The other fishes also make it known to the readers that they are talking about the endangered blue fin tuna. Finally, the question at the corner sums up the motive of the picture.

Purpose: To inform readers that no matter what kinds of animal it is, we have to protect them equally.

Audience: Everyone.

Context: It tells us that the panda is given more attention than the blue fin tuna.

Culture: The poster is quite dull but the blue fin tuna wearing a panda mask attracts lots of attention.

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