Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis (Douglas)

Image: This image displays a machete, which represents war.

Linguistic Features: The phrase used is, "Where childhood thrives, war does not." Also, there is a logo that says, "War/Child, Education, Opportunity, Justice." This tells me that education plays a crucial part in the development of the morals and values of a child.

Textual Features: The phrase 
"Where childhood thrives, war does not." is bigger than any of the text on this poster as it is the main emphasis. Also, the logo that says, "War/Child, Education, Opportunity, Justice." tells me that the children will be the main victim of wars and that wars can be prevented by being impartial.

Typographical Features: A white font colour is utilised to make the phrase, 
"Where childhood thrives, war does not." stand out. Also, the logo has a red outlining to show that it it a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The logo also has the word "WAR" in full capital letters and an impactful font while the word "child" is displayed as a frail and slightly curved font which resembles a child's handwriting. Also, it is completely displayed in lowercase letters. This tells me that war is overpowering children and the children are being affected.

Layout: The biggest highlight of the poster is the machete in the sheath. This impacts the reader by leading the reader to think about what part the machete plays in a war and its consequences. Also, the second most noticeable text in this poster is the phrase,
"Where childhood thrives, war does not.". This furthers the viewer's thinking into the reasons of a war.

Purpose: To tell the audience that war needs to be minimised as people are ultimately the ones suffering.

Audience: Everyone. 

Context: This tells me that children are being affected as a result of war as warring promotes violence, resulting in the children following in its footsteps.

Culture: It has a uncomplicated layout but  includes vibrant text and a dull background, making some parts of the poster really stand out.

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