Thursday, 13 March 2014

Visual Text (17) - Lim Ding Wen - 127 Hours

A beautiful movie poster.

Visual Text - 127 Hours

By Lim Ding Wen, S3-02 (17)

Image: This poster shows a man crossing a gap in between two geographical features. A rock is stuck in the middle of the two features, though it looks as if it was going to fall any moment. The entire feature resembles an hourglass, thus matching with the message: "Every Second Counts".

Linguistic Features: The words are big, not disruptive and easy to see.

Text Feature: The words focus on 127 and A Triumphant True Story, thus stating that there was a true story in which something happened over a course of 127 hours.

Layout: The man is at the middle of the picture. The rock depicts a grain of sand as seen in an hourglass. The background is simple and beautiful of a sunset.

Purpose: To promote the movie, 127 hours.

Target Audience: Those who like watching documentaries about how a person survived against all odds.

Context: To get people interested in the movie.

Culture: The person is alone on a very dangerous mountainous area during sunset. This may suggest that he is on a dangerous quest or lost. The words 127 hours depicts that he might have been lost or trapped for that long a time, thus the triumph. The words Every second counts may mean that he was on the verge of dying, and has no time to waste getting back into civilisation.

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