Sunday, 9 March 2014

Performance Task Team Evaluation

 1. What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?

We had an amazing teamwork. We hardly have any arguments in the team, we respected each other and when someone is suggesting their idea we would listen and do not interrupt. We had very good communication in our team, work was distributed easily.
Everyone contributed equally to the group project. The work load was distributed eaually so that it was fair.  We did our work all on time and we gave our best effort to the work that we do. We made sure that the project we submitted was of high quality.
We all made ensure that we would make time for discussions on this project. Even when  we were busy and had a limited time to complete this project, we would find time and make sure that this project was completed with a lot of effort put inside.

2. What problems have you had interacting as a team?
We worked very well as a team but we did had some arguments. We did not agree with some of the ideas that one of our group member suggested and sometimes we had poor planning of when we were going to record our video and we get angry at each other. Even though there were arguments in the team, we were still very happy to be in the same team.

3. What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time?
I think we should have better planning skills so that we can do our work easily and efficiently so that we have time to improve on our work before the deadline.

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