Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Visual Text Evaluation

Image by Apple Inc. (For iPhone 4S "Let's talk iPhone." Keynote Event in 2011.)

Image: The image shows icons of applications from Apple’s mobile Operating System, iOS, the icons also show the time and date that the event is taking place.

Linguistic Features: The phrase used is “Let’s talk iPhone.” This tells me that the poster is informing the general public that the Apple event will mostly be on iPhones.

Textual Features: Using only three words, it makes you remember that a new iPhone will be coming out soon.

Typographical Features: The use of a clean and simple font will make people recognise that it is an Apple Poster right away.

Layout: The icons catches your attention first, followed by the catchphrase.

Purpose: It is to inform the general public that there is going to be a iPhone event from Apple.

Audience: Everyone.

Context: To promote the launch of the new iPhone by encouraging people to watch the Keynote event.

Culture: It uses the familiar (At that time in 2011) app icons used in Apple’s iOS and Emphasises a lot on iPhone.

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