Saturday, 1 March 2014


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What i did : i took a quiz on grammar to test my grammar skills

What i learnt : i got a score of 30/50. While going through the mistakes i made, i realize i was very weak in grammar. Although that said, i have learnt a few stuff about grammar to improve my grammar. One of the things that i learnt is that if the word is use as a subject, we should use whoever while if it is use as an object, we should use whomever. Another one is on when to use does ,  one of the question states

Dr. Cresta is one of those professors who (do/does) whatever it takes to get their point across to their students.

I have learnt that when who is use followed by a verb in the middle of the sentence, we look at the word before who to determine whether we should us a singular or a plural verb. In this case, since it says professors, the answer is plural - do. With all that i have learnt, it can help me improve my grammar during composition and not lose mark due to this few mistakes.

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