Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis - Kenneth He (15) S302 2014

Image:  This is a Nike Football Advertisement. It shows the football players that are sponsored by Nike in this advertisement.

Linguistic Feature: There are very little words on this advertisement. This is quite good because it will make it less complicated and easier to read.

Textual Feature: The phrase ''MY TIME IS NOW'' is to capture the readers' eyes because the font size is bigger than the other phrase in the advertisement.

Typographical Features: The words have a contrast with the background of this advertisement. The fonts of the words are quite big, making it easier for the readers of this advertisement to read and see it.

Layout: The words are centralised and the fonts are quite big making it easier for the readers to read and see the advertisement and there are many pictures of football players in this advertisement, people would focus more on these football players and see if their favourite football player is there.

It is actually to attract people, especially footballers to buy their football shoes from Nike. 

People, especially footballers.

This advertisement is to promote Nike Football.

The advertisement is not complicated because there are not many texts or words around it and it focuses on the phrase ''MY TIME IS NOW'' and the football players in the advertisement.

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