Tuesday, 11 March 2014

English Visual Text Analysis

Image : There's a globe on an ice cream cone

Linguistic feature : There is no words that are meant to be for easy reading or meant to be the main attraction of the visual text. The small text at the bottom is to describe more about the poster's content.

Textual features : The font size is small but has contrast with the background.

Typographical features: It is small as it is not the main feature of the text. The fonts are easy to read and have a mixture of capitals and non-capitals letters in it.

Layout : The top is an image that is easy to understand whereas the bottom is small text that gives out new information to the readers.

Purpose : The melting ice cream describes that the earth is having global warming. The background is black to depict that the earth is our only resource that we have and we should treat it well.

Audience : General public

Context : This reminds us that we have to save our earth.

Culture : It is very simple, easy to understand and hides a important message.

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