Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Team Evaluation (Animal Research)

1. What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?

We assigned different roles to each team member early on. Guan Qun's role was to edit the script, and Sarah, Lorraine and Casssandra was assigned to do the script. Issac was to help edit the script and do the subtitles for the video. Overall, this system functioned well.

We completed the script early, as Lorraine, Sarah and Cassandra had stayed back to do the script. We assigned our parts to be individually recorded and sent it to Guan Qun.

The video and script were handed up on time, a great feat as our whole group did not meet up at all. We knew what to do and did it on time, so there was no need to even meet up.

2. What problems have you had interacting as a team?

There was some difficulty in completing the video, as Guan Qun found the images too repulsive to edit. Issac had to eventually do the subtitles. Getting the video to be submitted on time was also a challenge as the video was too large to upload in a short period of time. 

3. What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time? 

Film team members talking instead, as it is more interactive with the audience, to allow them to put a face to the voice. A meet up could have sped up the pace of finishing the script, although it was not needed.

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