Monday, 24 February 2014

Independent Learning Log 4



What I did:
I researched on "active voice" and "passive voice". I came across this webpage explaining what they are, how we can use them and how to convert between the two.

What I learned:
I learnt that when using the active voice, the subject has to be carrying out the verb's action.
E.g. Tim was creating explosions.

However, when using passive voice, the subject is not acting but instead being acted upon by the verb.
E.g. The explosion was caused by Tim.

One can easily change a statement from the active voice form to one with a passive voice by swapping around the order of the words.
E.g. (Object)

Active voice would be: [Subject]{Verb}(Object)
Whereas passive voice would be: (Object){Verb}[Subject]

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