Sunday, 23 February 2014

Independent Learning Log 4

Date: 23/2/14
Time: 4.30pm


What I did:

I read up on active and passive voice.

What I learned:

I learned about what active voice and passive voice meant. 

Active Voice: 
Most english sentences with an action verb, the action performed by the subject is denoted by the verb. When a subject acts upon the verb in a sentence and this sentences are called active voice.
Example of Active Voice:
The man must have eaten five hamburgers
The man which is the subject is doing the eating which is the verb. 

Passive Voice: 
You are able to change the normal word order of many active sentences, those with a direct object. This will make the subject no longer active but it is being acted upon by the verb or passive. Subject and verb relation is changed in passive voice. Subject that is being acted upon or is passive are called passive voice. 
Example of Passive Voice:
Five hamburgers must have been eaten by the man. 
Hamburgers which is the subject are being eaten which is the verb.

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