Monday, 6 January 2014


What I did: 
This website to learn what kinds of methods to effectively improve my vocabulary and there are seven suggested ways from this website. 

The seven methods suggested are as shown above. However, from the seven methods, the third method stood out to me.

In the attached link, they gave me a few strategies related to the techniques to help improve my vocabulary.  The strategies are as shown below.

I read the strategies and decided to put strategies 1, 2, and 3 into action. However, strategy 3 will be done over a period of time where it says we should read widely. From strategies 1 and 2 I have come up with a list of new vocabulary as shown below.

This strategy helped me to form a list of vocabulary and it has helped me to learn nine new words in such a short time. This will also help to constantly remind me of the meanings of the words.

What I learned:
I have learnt new words that can be used in my speeches to improve how I talk. It can also help me improve the way I have communicated with other people and also these words can be used in my essays. More importantly, I have learned a new and efficient way to improve my vocabulary. 

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  1. Good job doing ILL 1. I can see that you put alot of effort into it. Perhaps you can give examples on how you can use the words you use