Sunday, 12 January 2014

Independent Learning Log



What I did:
I decided to check out a news article that seemed pretty serious. I found and article which reports about a man having a hole in his stomach after drinking a very spicy soup.

What I learned:
notoriously - known widely and usually unfavorably
gastrointestinal - relating to the stomach and the intestines

I also learnt that mala soups could possibly burn the stomach wall if it is too spicy. It is made of Sichuan and chilli pepper and a local spice, and causes a numbing sensation and is served with varying degrees of spiciness. Restaurants have started to replace the natural ingredients with cheaper, synthetic ones which mirror the spice.

The soup is a dangerous spice and we have to be careful when drinking these soups, and we have to be careful when making this soup and not make it too spicy. In my opinion, restaurants should put up caution signs to show that it could burn a hole so that customers could be careful.

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  1. Good work! Your post is very detailed and interesting.