Monday, 20 January 2014

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9.12pm 20/01/2014

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What I did : I read an article about how Singapore police wants powers to handle the Little India riots.

What I learnt : 

Police are seeking a new temporary law to be put in place in Little India, to enforce alcohol restrictions and movement of persons. Under this bill, law enforcement officers are able to inspect and interview any persons who enter the special zone for alcohol or prohibited items. Officers will also be able to exclude or ban persons from entering the special zone for specified durations if his presence or actions are likely to threaten public order. There will be more time for the Ministry to take in account recommendations from the COI.

I think that this law would be a solution to prevent another riot form happening, but it may also draw flak from other foreigners living in Singapore. They may view this as another point of discontent, being a foreigner in Singapore. 

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  1. How you phrased it was really well done and more reflection could have been better.