Sunday, 19 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 3

19th January 2014


What I did: 
I was browsing through the entertainment section of Channel news Asia and came across one of my favourite, most talented artist, Steve Wonder. He performed at the Mnet asian music award recently with a few K-pop artists. 

What I learnt:
I have learnt that Steve Wonder brought his oldies music back to the current music generation which really surprised me. It made me feel that his creativity of his music had really impacted the generation today. Unfortunately, music today has been becoming more dull and similar to each other. For a song to get to the top, it is always either the weirdest or messed up in someway or another. However, Steve Wonders appearance made me realised that he was there to let others remember their own creative and expression to composing a song, simple yet remarkable. I hope his music would continue to affect or more of impacting others to make more beautiful songs. 

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