Sunday, 19 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 3


What I did: I read the article in the link above about how the corruption scandal in Turkey may affect the ties Turkey has with the United States.

What I learned: I learned that the ties between the United States and Turkey are of utmost importance to both countries and they cannot afford to lose the ties that they have. The were police raids in Turkey to detain the corrupted officials and police officers. The corruption has damaged Turkey financially and political, hence causing pressure and tension to build up within the country. In an attempt to ease the tension, the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogen pressurised three cabinet members to resign. However, the Prime Minister, under pressure, pointed fingers, saying it was a foreign plot to discredit the Turkish government. However, the United States government do not want to let the Prime Minister of Turkey continue pointing fingers at others. The Turkish and United States government should rectify the current problem to avoid anymore tension and to prevent the situation get out off hand.

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  1. Good job. You definiately read the article carefully. Perhaps you could add in pictures.