Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 3

Date : 21/1/14

Source :

What I did : 
I read up about the recent news article about a student passing away after a P.E. lesson

What I Learned :

There was an increase in the amount of such cases and this case was the second in a week. He also reportedly told his P.E. teacher about him feeling unwell, before collapsing. This really reflects badly upon the teacher as he did not seem to have done anything about the boy’s medical condition. Moreover, the boy was also quite irresponsible as he knew that he had asthma and yet continued to attend P.E. lesson, pushing himself past his limit.

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  1. Good job on this log! I am sure you have put in a lot of effort to do this log. However, you could have included more details about the article you read.