Sunday, 19 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 3

Date: 19th January 2014

What I did
I read up more on the anti-government protestors in the Thailand capital, Bangkok. The article was written by Channel News Asia.

What I learned
I learned that the protestors in Bangkok vowed their fight to topple the government despite a bomb attack on their rally which killed one, left 37 injured and 11 remaining in the hospital. I think that this protest is started because the current government and the protestors both have different political views on how to run the country and the intention of this protest is to bring down the government. From the article, demonstrators have occupied major intersections in the Capital since monday and have dubbed this the "Bangkok shutdown”. I think that this is somewhat true because during a protest, the country might suffer economically and socially. Shops and malls in the Capital might have to be closed during the protest and the tourism industry of Bangkok might take a fall financially. The relationship between the people and the government might be damaged by this. I also feel that the protest is very dangerous as innocent people might get hurt too. In conclusion, I think that something must be done as soon as possible to rectify this problem in the country before the situation becomes worst. 

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  1. after reading the article , i have learned what's happening at bangkok, widening my knowledge of the world, a suggestion is to write out what u have learned though