Sunday, 19 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 3



What I did:
I read up on an article reporting on a Japanese World War II soldier who hid in the jungle for three decades, died.

What I learnt:
I learnt that the Japanese World War II soldier, Mr Hiroo Onoda, hid in the Philippines jungle for three decades as he did not believe that the World War was over, has died in Tokyo at the age of 91. He was not convinced despite much efforts put in to persuade him that peace has broken out. He was only convinced when his former commanding officer made a visit to him and instructed him to lay down his arms. Mr Onoda is a symbol of loyalty and perseverance, who despite many odds, committed to his duty till the end. 

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  1. Hey, good job!

    This was a good summary of the article, and it is very informative. I can piece together the story of this Japanese solider, by just reading your summary