Sunday, 12 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 2

12 January 2014


What I did:
I did a few vocabulary quizzes to benchmark my level of vocabulary.

What I learned:
I learned that my grammar is somewhat average and that I will need to do more grammar practices so that I can improve and apply what I have learn in examinations. I also learned multiply words that I can use in essay writing and also how to apply them in the right scenario.

Some Examples:
Aimlessly: Pointlessly
I learned how to correctly apply the word regretfully in the right scenario for an essay.

1 comment:

  1. Great website. seems like a great website with flat UI. Vocabulary is useful in situations when you have to repeat words in a sentence without looking repetitive. It comes as a *spark* but one must reject it if I makes the sentence *pointlessly* long, *aimless* or complicated. *Regretfully*, this sentence is *pointless* and only serves to not break my combo of using the words you mentioned in the post :)