Sunday, 12 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 2

Date: 12th January 2014
Source: ego4u (2014, January 12). English Tests. Retrieved from

What I did
I went to an english grammar website to do some grammar practices. I did some practices on english tenses (present progressive).

What I learned
I have learned that my english grammar is at an average level. From this, I have learned that I would need to continue to improve on my english grammar skills because I made silly mistakes in the test I took and some of the questions I was not sure of how to do it. After, the test, I checked the answers on the questions I got wrong so that I would clear any misunderstandings or doubts I had when I did the test and so that I would not make the same mistake again. I plan to do more practices on my grammar so that I would be better and I would be apply my grammar skills to essay writing too. 


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  1. Good that many your grammar is really good but my suggestion is that you should explain which part of your grammar is bad