Thursday, 9 January 2014

Independent Leaning Log

Term 1

Independent Learning - Improvement for composition writing skills

I decided to read up and improve on my writing skills, I then went to the above website to learn about the basics and advance of it. This website is very helpful as it provides clear and detailed suggestions on how to improve your writing skills.

This website teaches you the skills needed to write a composition. This website is resourceful as they break down individual characteristics a good composition writing has and emphasizes into each point. 

From this website, I learn the different skills needed to improve creative writing. Word choice is one of the most important skills needed. Choosing the best words to describe what is happening is very crucial. If a certain word in a sentence does not sound right, it has to be replaced with a better word. 

Vocabulary also backs up the use of right words. It makes the sentence clearer and more specific when describing about something.

One more thing to take note of is the words that we repeat in a composition. Using the same descriptive word over and over again in the same composition makes it sound weird.
Example. “She had a pretty smile. She wore a pretty dress and a pretty necklace”. 
One way to not repeat the word is to use a synonym of the descriptive word.

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