Saturday, 18 January 2014



What I did:
I was on the Straits Time website and saw this article about giving elderly free health checks.

What I learned:
clutter - a collection of things lying around in an untidy state  
spruce -  make someone or something look smarter and neater  
hamper - a basket with a handle

Several doctors, joined with nurses, health professionals and administrative staff, gave free screening to needy elderly residents from Henderson and Bukit Merah. This was part of the Singapore General Hospital's (SGH) wider efforts to extend care beyond the hospital walls.They also helped clean up rubbish to reduce the risk of accidents and decorae residents' homes as they usher in the Chinese New Year. It is the first time that the doctors took part in the initiative of grooming residents' homes. In addition to spring cleaning, needy residents also received hampers and household items such as pillows, blankets, storage boxes, fans and rice cookers.

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  1. Great job on this. It is good that you have learned some new word and a good summary too. You should also put down your reflections and thoughts on this article.