Saturday, 18 January 2014

ILL 3 T1W3



What I did:
I decided to read up about the article about how a Singaporean lawyer, Suzanne Chin who woke up from coma despite two neurologist and a cardiologist declared her brain dead.

Words I learnt:
Euthanasia- painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable disease
Demeanor- outward behaviour or bearing
Incredulity- state of being unwilling to accept something
Infirmary- a large institution care for people who are sick
Austere- severe manner

This article talks about a lawyer who suffered a heart attack in Hong Kong. Doctors had told her family members to prepare for the worst. During her coma, she had a vision. It was a man who did not seem good. The man told her to follow him so that she would be able to move or speak. The vision would repeat several times. However, on the last occasion, the man turned furious and threatened to take her daughter away if she refused to follow him. Suzanne told him that he had no power her and that she was a child of God. As soon as she said that, she woke up. This is Suzanne's testimony of how she was given a second chance to live.

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