Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Thursday (10 July 2014) Oral Practice Lesson at LO1

Please bring: 
LD- Shared Google Docs
Rubrics Handouts

1) Group yourselves in 3s according to your seating arrangement.

2) Identify yourselves as #1, #2 and #3 (Candidate, Examiner 1 and Examiner 2 on a rotation basis)

3) Reading Passage and Picture #1 will be given to all candidates and examiners. 10 minutes preparation time will be given to all students.

4) Examiners 1 and 2 will grade and comment on the candidate's performance based on the rubrics.

Repeat the above steps for the next two candidates.

Friday, 4 July 2014

RHD Project- English Oral Presentation

Each student to produce a 1-minute podcast (Spoken Interaction component) based on the following question:

Social Media is the greatest threat to racial harmony in Singapore. Do you agree?

Date of Submission: Wednesday (9 July 2014)
Marks: 20
Assessment Criteria: Personal Response, Clarity in Expression, PACC (Refer to rubrics)

Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud Activity

Friday, 30 May 2014

Compo Analysis

Pink: Point
Yellow: Explanation
Blue: Elaboration
Orange: Link

Monday, 19 May 2014



Abolish Death Penalty

Death penalty implemented in 1800s
Creates more problems than solving the current problems
Innocence in US means not aware of actions that are done
Implementation would be wrong if there's no correct principle
Biased to social positions, financial status, etc.
Death penalty is irrevocable

Not bias, racist and classism
Offenders informed of code of law
Citizens are informed of death penalty
Prevents future major cases or maybe reduces it
Dealth penalty is a last resort
Not used for every case

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Independent Learning Log T2W8


Debating Television is a bad influence

Preposition View:
- Television is a bad influence
- First point made is that television has violence, alcohol, bad language which is inappropriate for children.
- If children sees all these in television, it might lead to an unsafe community and they will grow up thinking that these things are okay.
- Second point made is that television provides no help to you, it won't help you lose weight and it will very likely help you gain weight.
- Third point made is that television distracts you from important things such as doing homework and this might affect your grades.
- Final point made is that television cuts down the time spent with your family and friends.

Opposition View:
- Television is a good influence
- First point made is that children can mimic good actions too. There are many shows that are helpful.
- Second point made is that television provides a healthy message to children. Many shows encourage children to eat well and they tell children that it is not healthy to be obese.

Independent Learning Log T2W8


What I did: I listened to a debate on the death penalty in the US.

Topic: The United States should abolish the death penalty
It was implemented in the 1800s.
It has taken 23 innocent lives.
It creates more problems than it solves.
It is a hypercritical implementation of the corrupted government.
The principle of death penalty states that Justice is served by killing killers.
The United States defines innocent as someone who is not aware of his or her actions.
There is discrimination of the death penalties given throughout the society.
Without a correct principle, the implementation would also be incorrect.
It violates bioethics in which it creates a hierarchy.
It is very biased to social positions, financial status, etc.
The death penalty is irrevocable.


They did not inherit biases, racism and classism.
Offenders are fully informed in the code of law.
People must be proven at the time of the crime to determine the consequences of their actions or else, it is the fault of the law and not of the death penalty.
Citizens are fully informed of death penalty and the actions that lead to it.
If they are not informed, it is the fault of the judiciary system, not the death penalty.
The death penalty prevents future murders as people would think twice about their actions.
It is to also prevent overcrowding in the prisons.
The death penalty is used as a last resort in the judgement of cases.
It is not for every cases.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Independent Learning Log



What I did: I listened to a debate on the income disparity in the US.

Topic: Levels of income disparity in the US do more harm than good.

- Most of the money is coming from the poor
Anti-American to have very few people with a lot of money, giving unbalanced opportunities
Income disparity leads to turmoil such as protests from rising food prices and shoplifting
Income disparity inhibits education, only 10% of income goes to education
Debt from education
Unemployment from lack of education
Poor people are never able to improve their standard of life
Social stagnation for most people
Very poor people cannot move up due to lack of opportunities, therefore less innovation
The poor tend to live near each other, in places with few opportunities, while the rich live in areas with many opportunities
Richer people get taxed less
Protests are too violent and disruptive
Lack of financial aid
Income disparity takes away means to innovate
Equal opportunity should be given
Poor schools cannot get education for poor students with income disparity
Huge gap of the rich and the poor proves unequal opportunity
Certain protests are bad like the Wall Street protests, as they are unorganized and had unneeded violence with no clear goal
Limited funds for deserving Americans to be able to go to universities

- Lease is irrelevant to income disparity
There is equal opportunity, no link proven
Protests are a good movement for Americans to voice their complaints
No link proven that the income disparity is causing unemployment
The poor are still increasing their standard of life, eg. 1996-2005 lowest 20% classes moved up their class
No risk-taking without income disparity, therefore no innovation and growth, eg. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs
Giving opportunities to Americans to become better leads to self-improvement
$350 million given to education
Lack of evidence that poor do not move up in terms of their life
Income disparity gives opportunities to those in middle and rich classes to innovate, which lack of it does not give any opportunity to innovate
No lack of opportunity, eg. Windsor High School gives opportunities to study
Statistics show that tax rates are better than without them
Lack of evidence that there is a lack of opportunity
Not all protests are violent
Violent protests may be good, eg. American Revolution
No link between income disparity and education
No link between protests and violence and the detriment of income disparity

Thursday, 15 May 2014


what i did: watch a video on a debate


proposition team 
-innocent people are being killed
-innocent as in they are not aware of their actions
-bias (racism)
-killing people who are killers , as good as the killers
-human life is more important

opposition team
-people were found with evidence before putting the death penalty

-make people think twice about committing crimes

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ILL Week 8 (Register 17)


I went to Youtube and searched for a middle high school debate to see whether a debate was a session where people make speeches to reason with one another or that it was a session where everybody roars at everybody else and ends with a catfight.


As it turns out, debates are 

Monday, 7 April 2014

7 April 2014 Class Work

Dear Students, 

In my absence, you are to complete practice paper ONE of DIE book which consists of VT, narrative text and expository text compre. This is a SILENT ACTIVITY. 

Try to complete as much as you can in class and do the rest for homework. 

Should anyone of you not have a copy of DIE with you, please do a 30- minute Independent Learning Log and post on blog before the end of lesson today. You will need to complete the practice paper at home. 

Best wishes, 
Mrs Jang

Sunday, 30 March 2014

English PT

English Performance Task - Animal Research
Done by: Sarah (Leader), Issac Jose Ignatius, Cassandra, Lorraine, Guan Qun

English Performance Task - Animal Cloning
Done by: Douglas (Leader), Qian Zhe, Wun Juan, Ibrahim, Chun Leong

English Performance Task - Genetically Modified Food
Done by: Kenneth (Leader), Renjie, Ben, Darelyn, Ming Hui

English Performance Task - Space Exploration
Done by: Michael (Leader), Ding Wen, Jeff, Kian Chong, Brandi

English Performance Task - The Internet
Done by: Sean (Leader), Dion, Bennett, Zhen Yu, Tuan Jin

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis - Tham Chun Leong

Image: This image shows a fish (Blue Fin Tuna) wearing a panda mask

Linguistic Features: On the poster is a question "Would you care more if I was a panda?" This tells us that people care more about pandas than the blue fin tuna even though they both are as endangered and valuable to protect.

Textual Features: The question was phrased to make it look like the blue fin tuna was the one asking the question. It could also imply that it is seeking sympathy.

Typographical Features: The font used for the question on the poster is not fancy or squiggly but instead serious, this means that the poster is meant to be taken seriously and not as a joke. The font colour blends in background which makes the "voice" seem softer, this could mean that the tuna is "speaking" with a soft volume as if it was being ignored.

Layout: The blue fin tuna with the panda mask on is placed in the middle, it is also bigger than the others, thus attracting the most attention when people first look at it. The other fishes also make it known to the readers that they are talking about the endangered blue fin tuna. Finally, the question at the corner sums up the motive of the picture.

Purpose: To inform readers that no matter what kinds of animal it is, we have to protect them equally.

Audience: Everyone.

Context: It tells us that the panda is given more attention than the blue fin tuna.

Culture: The poster is quite dull but the blue fin tuna wearing a panda mask attracts lots of attention.

Team Evaluation (Animal Research)

1. What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?

We assigned different roles to each team member early on. Guan Qun's role was to edit the script, and Sarah, Lorraine and Casssandra was assigned to do the script. Issac was to help edit the script and do the subtitles for the video. Overall, this system functioned well.

We completed the script early, as Lorraine, Sarah and Cassandra had stayed back to do the script. We assigned our parts to be individually recorded and sent it to Guan Qun.

The video and script were handed up on time, a great feat as our whole group did not meet up at all. We knew what to do and did it on time, so there was no need to even meet up.

2. What problems have you had interacting as a team?

There was some difficulty in completing the video, as Guan Qun found the images too repulsive to edit. Issac had to eventually do the subtitles. Getting the video to be submitted on time was also a challenge as the video was too large to upload in a short period of time. 

3. What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time? 

Film team members talking instead, as it is more interactive with the audience, to allow them to put a face to the voice. A meet up could have sped up the pace of finishing the script, although it was not needed.

Group PT evaluation

Q1: What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?
We were able to plan the sequence quite well as well as the transition of the different shots. We also understood each other ideas and was able to agree and proceed filming. Overall, i feel that the video was quite well planned.

Q2: What problems have you had interacting as a team?
Sometimes, we made mistakes in a shot over and over again, however, we didn't gave up and even helped each other to relax.

Q3: What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time? 
If we have more time together, it could be easier and the video could have more awesome scenes.

Visual Text - Muhammad Ibrahim (20)

Image: It displays a penguin trying to plug out a switch of a lamp. It represent the penguin wanting to stop the electrical pollution and stop the ice from melting
Linguistic Features: Not many words
Textual Features:  The text "Turn it OFF now!" tells me that we should stop the electrical pollution by turning off appliances that are not in use.
Typographical Features: The small font would make the viewers curious of what the advert is trying to say and they will read it to find out about the advert
Layout: The highlight of the advert is the penguin trying hard to pull the plug out and it impacts the viewers as the viewers will pity the penguin losing it's habitat.

Purpose: Inform the public that electrical pollution contributes to global warming
Target Audience: General public of all ages
Context: Saving the environment

Monday, 24 March 2014

Michael Chia Poster Analysis

The purpose of the poster is to tell people that they are responsible for the environment.

The target audience is the general public.

The image is a tree where the branches are hand, showing that we are responsible for the environment.

The color of the words is green to make it stand out and represent the environment.

The poster is laid out in a way that causes people to see the big word environment first. This attracts attention and tells readers the theme of the poster.

Viusal Poster

Image: The image shows a burger to entice the readers to become hungry.
Linguistic Features: The poster uses the phrase "The Angus Third Pounder...Get Yours Today!" to make people want to buy the burger. The poster also promises a free premium chicken sandwich and a free Big Mac when certain conditions are fulfilled, making people want to go to McDonalds.
Text Features: The poster uses phrases like "get yours today" to make the reader excited.
Typographical features: The poster uses big bold fonts to emphasize the highlights of the poster.
Layout: The image primarily takes up the space to make the reader hungrier and puts the words below to make sure the read the text after seeing the image to make the readers want to buy the food more.

Purpose: The purpose is to advertise McDonald's food.
Audience: The target audience is everyone who likes fast food.
Context: The context is food.
Culture: The poster has food stand out.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Visual Text Analysis (Douglas)

Image: This image displays a machete, which represents war.

Linguistic Features: The phrase used is, "Where childhood thrives, war does not." Also, there is a logo that says, "War/Child, Education, Opportunity, Justice." This tells me that education plays a crucial part in the development of the morals and values of a child.

Textual Features: The phrase 
"Where childhood thrives, war does not." is bigger than any of the text on this poster as it is the main emphasis. Also, the logo that says, "War/Child, Education, Opportunity, Justice." tells me that the children will be the main victim of wars and that wars can be prevented by being impartial.

Typographical Features: A white font colour is utilised to make the phrase, 
"Where childhood thrives, war does not." stand out. Also, the logo has a red outlining to show that it it a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The logo also has the word "WAR" in full capital letters and an impactful font while the word "child" is displayed as a frail and slightly curved font which resembles a child's handwriting. Also, it is completely displayed in lowercase letters. This tells me that war is overpowering children and the children are being affected.

Layout: The biggest highlight of the poster is the machete in the sheath. This impacts the reader by leading the reader to think about what part the machete plays in a war and its consequences. Also, the second most noticeable text in this poster is the phrase,
"Where childhood thrives, war does not.". This furthers the viewer's thinking into the reasons of a war.

Purpose: To tell the audience that war needs to be minimised as people are ultimately the ones suffering.

Audience: Everyone. 

Context: This tells me that children are being affected as a result of war as warring promotes violence, resulting in the children following in its footsteps.

Culture: It has a uncomplicated layout but  includes vibrant text and a dull background, making some parts of the poster really stand out.

Visual Text Analysis

Image : The poster shows a child, amused, trying to pick up a frog. Also, there are various Wonka products shown alongside.

Linguistic Feature : There are not many words in the poster. 

Texture Feature : The phrase "unleash your laughter" suggests that the sweets would enable the audience joy and laughter. 

Typographical : The font is curly and attractive. This would attract the audience to read. It is colourful to attract the target audience.

Layout : The layout is from top-to-bottom. The top shows the brand of the product while the bottom shows its line of products.

Purpose : To promote its brand and its line of products.

Audience : Children

Context : Fun and colourful

Culture : The design is colourful and the objects used in the poster are inter-related. 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Visual Text (17) - Lim Ding Wen - 127 Hours

A beautiful movie poster.

Visual Text - 127 Hours

By Lim Ding Wen, S3-02 (17)

Image: This poster shows a man crossing a gap in between two geographical features. A rock is stuck in the middle of the two features, though it looks as if it was going to fall any moment. The entire feature resembles an hourglass, thus matching with the message: "Every Second Counts".

Linguistic Features: The words are big, not disruptive and easy to see.

Text Feature: The words focus on 127 and A Triumphant True Story, thus stating that there was a true story in which something happened over a course of 127 hours.

Layout: The man is at the middle of the picture. The rock depicts a grain of sand as seen in an hourglass. The background is simple and beautiful of a sunset.

Purpose: To promote the movie, 127 hours.

Target Audience: Those who like watching documentaries about how a person survived against all odds.

Context: To get people interested in the movie.

Culture: The person is alone on a very dangerous mountainous area during sunset. This may suggest that he is on a dangerous quest or lost. The words 127 hours depicts that he might have been lost or trapped for that long a time, thus the triumph. The words Every second counts may mean that he was on the verge of dying, and has no time to waste getting back into civilisation.

Visual Text Analysis


Image: This poster is portraying a plane by Boeing called the Boeing 777 and it is flying at a very high altitude.

Linguistic Features: This poster uses simple and short phrases for the words to be easily read.

Text feature: The text "Far and Away, The Best" shows how good the plane they are trying to advertise is.

Layout: The main text was placed in the near middle of the picture, bringing out the contrast of the picture and the highlight.

Purpose: This is to promote the Boeing 777.

Target Audience: Airlines

Context: To advertise for the Boeing 777.

Culture: The plane flying high in the sky and the words highlighted in the near middle of the picture shows the beauty and the advancement of that plane.

More information about the Boeing 777:

Visual Text Analysis

Image: This poster is promoting the movie called Inception and shows a man that has a maze in him.

Linguistic Features: There are not much words in it hence it is make it easier for the reader to understand the poster.

Text Feature: The phrase "Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime". This phrase is to make the reader think deeper about what is it trying to bring across.

Layout: All the text are at the top while the middle is the man picture. This makes it easier for the readers to understand the poster and also the font used are big for the ease of the readers.

Purpose: To promote the movie, Inception.

Target Audience: Those that likes detective, adventure and mysteries genre would be interested to watch this movie.

Context: To advertise for the movie Inception.

Culture: It has a big picture of a man that has a maze in it and also the phrase  "Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime" to let the reader think more about what is the poster trying to tell them.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Visual Text

Image : The poster shows two man sprinting both of them are soccer players chasing for a ball. The one in red seems to be faster.

Linguistic Feature : The words mention " Wired for Speed" And it means that it will increase your speed when wearing those boots, it will also allow you to run in straight lines can represent as straight as a wire.

Texture Feature : There is a soccer boot and two soccer players challenging for a ball. It can represent that wearing those boots will help you be able to perform better on the field and also to get the ball faster than your opponents.

Typographical : The words " Wired for Speed" Is broken up but lines to show the " Wind" Effect saying that the players will be able to run as fast as wind and it allows acceleration

Layout :

Poster Analysis by Dion Low (11)

Image : The poster shows a baby bottle that is branded by CocaCola. The baby bottle is uncapped, showing the tip of the baby bottle.

Linguistic Feature : There are very little words present, so this allows the audience to have an easier time reading the poster.

Texture Feature : The phrase “Life Begins Here” is suited with the baby bottle as life begins when one was a baby. The baby bottle tends to make the viewers think about babies.

Typographical : The words have a similar colour as the background. This makes the words unable to read from afar.

Layout : Layout is from left-to-right. On the left side would be the baby bottle that is branded by CocaCola while on the right side would be the words that plays a pun

Purpose : It is to tell the readers that CocaCola is the beginning of everything.

Audience : People who are looking for beverages

Context : It promotes CocaCola.

Culture : The design of the poster is very simple, however the baby bottle and words are related to one another.

Visual Text Analysis - Kenneth He (15) S302 2014

Image:  This is a Nike Football Advertisement. It shows the football players that are sponsored by Nike in this advertisement.

Linguistic Feature: There are very little words on this advertisement. This is quite good because it will make it less complicated and easier to read.

Textual Feature: The phrase ''MY TIME IS NOW'' is to capture the readers' eyes because the font size is bigger than the other phrase in the advertisement.

Typographical Features: The words have a contrast with the background of this advertisement. The fonts of the words are quite big, making it easier for the readers of this advertisement to read and see it.

Layout: The words are centralised and the fonts are quite big making it easier for the readers to read and see the advertisement and there are many pictures of football players in this advertisement, people would focus more on these football players and see if their favourite football player is there.

It is actually to attract people, especially footballers to buy their football shoes from Nike. 

People, especially footballers.

This advertisement is to promote Nike Football.

The advertisement is not complicated because there are not many texts or words around it and it focuses on the phrase ''MY TIME IS NOW'' and the football players in the advertisement.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

English Visual Text Analysis

Image : There's a globe on an ice cream cone

Linguistic feature : There is no words that are meant to be for easy reading or meant to be the main attraction of the visual text. The small text at the bottom is to describe more about the poster's content.

Textual features : The font size is small but has contrast with the background.

Typographical features: It is small as it is not the main feature of the text. The fonts are easy to read and have a mixture of capitals and non-capitals letters in it.

Layout : The top is an image that is easy to understand whereas the bottom is small text that gives out new information to the readers.

Purpose : The melting ice cream describes that the earth is having global warming. The background is black to depict that the earth is our only resource that we have and we should treat it well.

Audience : General public

Context : This reminds us that we have to save our earth.

Culture : It is very simple, easy to understand and hides a important message.

Visual text

Image: It is a picture of a guitarist and his guitar promoting his concert.

Linguistic Features: It is simple making it attractive and easily understandable. 

Textual features: Important information like "Sungha jung, Live in singapore" is placed at the top of the poster in bold to attract audiences.

Typographical features: The words is organised and arranged to view top down and left to right, giving a relaxing tone to audience.

Layout: Picture is on the left and new information on the performance are on the left.

Purpose: It is to convey the message on a guitar concert.

Audience: Everyone, including guitar lovers.

Context: This poster is to promote guitar concert

Culture: The guitar is stood alone beside the guitarist showing the individuality and the uniqueness of the guitarist would play.


Image: Faded (perhaps representing death, or that they are struggling to survive) in background, an American girl carrying a bucket filled with water, along side a African girl. They both look tired, and as if struggling for survival. Their faces are deep & compelling, perhaps suggesting that they need help.  Background paints a beautiful scenery of a field containing vast greenery & the other half, the sky, both of which dependent water (plants need water to sustain, the clouds in the sky contain water droplets that come down to earth as rain), but there is no sight of a water body, or a patch of water. The field seems to be never ending, illustrating the distance the unfortunate have to walk to collect water, to sustain their survival. 

Linguistic Features: “the average african walks 4 to 6 miles a day for water; this walk could change that”. It persuades the audience to participate in this walk & be appreciative that they need not walk so far just to get water.

Textual Features: Simple, straight to the point. “The average african walks 4 to 6 miles a day for water; this walk could change that”

Typographical features: Words contrasts with background, outstanding to the audience. Placed in the middle & in Capital letters, important and key message. “WATER” & “4 TO 6 MILES A DAY FOR WATER” uses a different colour, green, which represents greenery (plants, dependent on water) is pleasing to the eye.

Layout: Words centred in the picture, attention grabbing. 

Purpose: pulls at emotions, and makes the audience want to help with their mission, Water Walk, & for them to feel supportive the efforts to better the lives of those living in these harsh conditions. 

Audience: Everyone, the majority living in 2nd world or better countries

Context: Water conservation is important, never take for granted what is given to us

Culture: Africans walk 4-6 miles a day for water, unlike the fortunate, where water is just a turn of the tap away.

Visual Text

Source :

Image : a tap that is closed with a plant growing in an extension of the tap, in a blue background.

Linguistic feature : "Save water...Save life" This text is trying to convey the message that saving water will help to save lives.

Typographical feature : the font is the same size, and small to draw attention to the image first

Layout : Since there is only one text, the attention will be drawn to it

Purpose : To tell the audience to save water

Audience : General public

Context : People who might be using excess water

Poster analysis Jeff Lee


pretty plain with only a man showing that he is stressed out.
the picture is plain to show calmness and not add to much stuff to make the reader even more stress

Linguistic feature
It is trying to convey the message don't suffer stress on your own.

Typographical feature
The font of the words are the same in the whole poster. The font size is small for those information while the font size for the title is big

The first thing that audience will read will be the top word stress and they slowly read down

to tell audiences not to suffer stress alone

people who are stress by work

people are facing stress just as you are

Visual Text Evaluation

Image by Apple Inc. (For iPhone 4S "Let's talk iPhone." Keynote Event in 2011.)

Image: The image shows icons of applications from Apple’s mobile Operating System, iOS, the icons also show the time and date that the event is taking place.

Linguistic Features: The phrase used is “Let’s talk iPhone.” This tells me that the poster is informing the general public that the Apple event will mostly be on iPhones.

Textual Features: Using only three words, it makes you remember that a new iPhone will be coming out soon.

Typographical Features: The use of a clean and simple font will make people recognise that it is an Apple Poster right away.

Layout: The icons catches your attention first, followed by the catchphrase.

Purpose: It is to inform the general public that there is going to be a iPhone event from Apple.

Audience: Everyone.

Context: To promote the launch of the new iPhone by encouraging people to watch the Keynote event.

Culture: It uses the familiar (At that time in 2011) app icons used in Apple’s iOS and Emphasises a lot on iPhone.

Visual Text Evaluation

Image: It is a picture of a pair of hands letting water slip into a piggy bank. A piggy bank is used to store savings. This suggests to save water and not waste it.

Linguistic Features: It tries to convey the message that saving water is very important.

Textual features: The text is split up into two parts, suggesting that there are two points to the message the poster is trying to convey.

Typographical features: A different font colour is used for the words 'save water' and 'you'. This places emphasis on those words.

Layout: The piggy is the biggest item in the poster hence attracting more attention. Next is the hands and finally the text. This helps people to notice the saving of water (water in the piggy bank) and it also starts with them conserving and saving water (the pair of hands). The words are at the left, showing that it is common knowledge but it also wants to reinforce the idea of the importance of conservation of water.

Purpose: It is to convey the message that the conservation of water is important.

Audience: Everyone, especially those who are guilty of water wastage.

Context: This poster is a reminder of both how important water conservation is and how it ultimately starts with them playing their part to conserve water.

Culture: The pair of hands are an ordinary pair of hands hence showing anyone can save water, and the pouring of water in the piggy bank shows how easy it is to save water, it is as easy as putting money in a piggy bank.

Visual Text

Image: The image shows the 3 most important liquids in modern life. Namely water, oil and blood. Without water, living organisms in general would not be able to survive. Without oil, machines would not able to function properly and hence would cause inconvenience onto our lives. Last but not least, without blood, animals will not be able to carry out everyday functions. This shows that these 3 liquids are every important to us. 

Linguistic Features: There are only 3 words used. "Preservation is vital". It emphasizes that we are running out of usable water and oil, and we should do our best to preserve them as they are as important to us as our blood. 

Textual Features: Using only a few, small sized words shows that attention should be more towards the images as compared to the words. However, the words do hold a really deep meaning as it implies that we need to conserve what we have. 

Typographical Features: It contrasts with the background, causing it to be easier to read. Also it is placed in the middle of the article, proving its worth. 

Layout: The biggest points are obviously the images, which are also the main points of the article. Also notice that the liquids are of different colors while the rest is white, besides the background which is black. 

Purpose: To tell the audience that water and oil is equally as important as blood and we need to preserve them before they run out. 

Audience: Everyone. 

Context: This tells me that we need to start preserving our water and oil supplies. We can stop wasting water when bathing etc. and reuse the oil if possible. 

Culture: It has a very simple layout but very contrasting colors which allows emphasis on the images. 

Visual Text Evaluation: Nike Advertisements

Image: The Image shows a boy standing on a diving board and looking down on the other children. This shows that he is powerful and accomplished among them. He is also scratching his head. This tells me that he cannot believe what he has achieved.

Linguistic Features: The language used is "Find Your Greatness". This tells me that the visual text is encouraging the target audience to find their talents and accomplish their goals.

Textual Features: Using only a few words, it can leave a large impact on the target audience based on the Visual Text

Typographical Features: The large font and white colour used amplifies the impact on the target audience based on the Visual Text.

Layout: The image is covering the entire visual text. This gives a single perspective of the picture, showing the humanly definition of greatness. The words are placed in the centre to show the impact of the image on the target audience.

Purpose: It is to inform the target audience that anyone can be great.

Audience: Everyone, especially those who feel dejected.

Context: This tells me that the visual text is a sign encouragement to help people find their talents and flourish in them.

Culture: It uses a view from a diving board to show the position of the boy. This tells me that although he is scared, he is still willing to do it with the encouragement from his friends below.


The main caption of this poster is the huge picture of Obama. The only word on the poster is HOPE.  The word is in bold capital letters. The poster is trying to tell the viewers that Obama is the hope for USA. 


Topic: #MH370

Summary: Test on oil slicks show that the oil was not air craft fuel. It is suspected that there were 2 terrorists in the plane, as "Two European names -- Christian Kozel, an Austrian, and Luigi Maraldi of Italy -- were listed on the passenger list, but neither man boarded the plane.", someone(perhaps terrorists) had used their passports to board the plane. 

Conclusion: This was a serious blow to MAS, and the other people related to the incident that were affected by it. I believe that everyone is praying hard for the safety of the passengers on board that flight. This heightens the importance of national security for the prevention of such issues. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

PT Group Evaluation (Animal Cloning)

Q1: What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?

     A: We had good communication between each other and the commencement of this project was planned ahead of the deadlines. Also, we were focused on the task and completed it relatively quickly.

Q2: What problems have you had interacting as a team?

     A: We had disagreements to the content in the video as some of them were irrelevant and it was quite a messy situation. 

Q3: What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time? 

     A: A joint agreement on the topics and better assignment of roles could greatly benefit the team function.

Space Exploration Team Evaluation

What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?

We were focused on the task at hand most of the time and were able to communicate and complete the task effectively.

What problems have you had interacting as a team? 

The biggest problem we had as a team is the clash of schedule. As we all had different things to do outside of school, we found it difficult to squeeze in time to sit down together and film the video.

What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time? 

We could try to follow the rubrics more closely to ensure that we do not go off topic and answer to what the task requires.

Independent Learning Log 5



What I did:
I read the article concerning the Malaysian Airlines Plane MH370 that went missing, and that terrorism may be responsible for this accident.

What I learnt:
Authorities hunting for the missing plane stated that terrorism may be responsible for this accident as as many as four passengers boarded with false documentation. The plane was travelling smoothly in the skies when it vanished from the radar screens. A federal law enforcement source said that the US 'are monitoring the situation' and that intelligence agencies around the world would be checking for communications between any terrorists. The plane was inspected ten days before its flight and found the plane to be 'in proper condition'. The Malaysian Transport Minister is trying everything in his power to locate the missing plane.

Independent Learning Log 5



What I did:
I read the article concerning the Malaysian Airlines Plane MH370 that went missing, and that terrorism may be responsible for this accident.

What I learnt:
Authorities hunting for the missing plane stated that terrorism may be responsible for this accident as as many as four passengers boarded with false documentation. The plane was travelling smoothly in the skies when it vanished from the radar screens. A federal law enforcement source said that the US 'are monitoring the situation' and that intelligence agencies around the world would be checking for communications between any terrorists. The plane was inspected ten days before its flight and found the plane to be 'in proper condition'. The Malaysian Transport Minister is trying everything in his power to locate the missing plane.

Performance Task Team Evaluation

 1. What are three ways you did well in functioning as a team?

We had an amazing teamwork. We hardly have any arguments in the team, we respected each other and when someone is suggesting their idea we would listen and do not interrupt. We had very good communication in our team, work was distributed easily.
Everyone contributed equally to the group project. The work load was distributed eaually so that it was fair.  We did our work all on time and we gave our best effort to the work that we do. We made sure that the project we submitted was of high quality.
We all made ensure that we would make time for discussions on this project. Even when  we were busy and had a limited time to complete this project, we would find time and make sure that this project was completed with a lot of effort put inside.

2. What problems have you had interacting as a team?
We worked very well as a team but we did had some arguments. We did not agree with some of the ideas that one of our group member suggested and sometimes we had poor planning of when we were going to record our video and we get angry at each other. Even though there were arguments in the team, we were still very happy to be in the same team.

3. What is a specific action that would help the team function and interact even better next time?
I think we should have better planning skills so that we can do our work easily and efficiently so that we have time to improve on our work before the deadline.

Independent Learning Log 5

09 March 2014


This site has many quizzes about grammar and provides us information on how to improve our grammar such as how to avoid comma splices and how to write parallel structures.

What I did: I went to this site and did 3 quizzes. They are labelled "Diction" , "Recognizing Prepositions" and "Notorious Confusables".

What I Learned: I learned what was prepositions and what was diction about. I also learned words that can be easily confused with one another such as "their" and "they're" as well as "whether" vs "weather".

Independent Learning Log 5



What I did:

I went to read up on my favorite football team's most recent game. Arsenal (the team I support) played Everton on 8/3/14 in an FA cup quarter-final match. They beat the opponents 4-1 and secured a place in the FA cup semi-finals.
Arsenal vs. Everton: Ruthless Gunners Set for Wembley Return
Arsenal players Olivier Giroud (left) and Mesut Ozil (right) celebrating they're goal. 

What I learnt: 


Arsenal, after losing to Stoke last weekend, played with a much better spirit and urgency. Perhaps the players felt that with title hopes slipping, the FA cup would be they're best option for silverware this season. They started off strong with Mesut Ozil scoring at the 7th minute, putting Arsenal infront. They went into half-time 1-1 though. 
Arsenal later proved they're worth in the second-half when Mikel Arteta shot in a superb penalty in the 68th minute to put Arsenal 1 up again. Olivier Giroud, who came on as a substitute after much drama from his social life, scored 2 more to help Arsenal proceed to the semi-finals.